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Traveling Roots Episode 2: The Loft Cafe

The Loft Cafe is the perfect description of sophistication with a rustic edge. Located on 411 N Donnelly St Suite 212 the elegant cafe is perched on the second floor of the Renaissance building in historic downtown Mount Dora. The Loft cafe was an accidental find while exploring the streets of downtown Mount Dora for a place to have brunch. Our expectations and tastebuds were not ready for the five star gourmet experience we were about to encounter.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly and warm hostess that led us to where we would be dinning for brunch. The aesthetic was cool and chic with beautiful accents of flowers and exposed iron that gave so much character to the cozy cafe. Every corner was photogenic and the attention to detail was breathtaking. What I loved the most was how the windows exposed the dinning area to natural light from the sun and views of the bustling streets down below. Just from the appearance of the cafe I knew that we were in for a treat.

The menu had two sides, one that was traditional and the other that offered plant based options for breakfast, lunch and brunch. There were so potentially good choices it was hard to decide. Our hostess asked us if it was our first time visiting The Loft and also told us the featured dishes of the day. The menu was a bit confusing to read mostly because I didn't realize there were two parts of the menu, the plant based and traditional options. The hostess explained how to navigate the menu and even gave suggestions.

Next to our table was an assortment of mouth-watering pastries, all of which are hand crafted by The Loft's very own pastry chef Ellie. While we waited for our food Ellie came out and greeted us and offered a sample of a almond brittle cookie. She also gave us a quick description of each pastry and told us her personal favorites. Of course I wanted to try them all so I bought a bag of assorted treats to enjoy after my meal. Being greeted by the pastry chef was a very welcoming gesture and I truly felt at home amongst friends. Ellie pasties are an experience of it's own. The sample we were given was savory with the perfect balance of salty and sweet. My favorite was the almond short bread cookie!

I think we can all agree that one of the best feelings in the world is seeing the waitress approaching your table with the food you ordered. I ordered the quiche with a lightly dressed mixed greens. The quiche was constructed like a work of art and the texture was perfect! Each layer accentuated the other for a blast of well balanced flavor. The mixed greens were just right and was the perfect sidekick. Nothing was overdone or overshadow the other. I was throughly pleased and I would definitely order it again.

The Best I've Ever Had!


Just went I thought the quiche was good, my mom reaches over with a piece of waffle on her fork and says to me "You have to try this!"

Fireworks! That's what I experienced on my tastebuds, I cannot even begin to articulate how flavorful that tiny bite of waffle was. Hands down the best waffle I've ever had in my life! It was warm, airy with a subtle crunch of crushed brown sugar crystals. I've never had anything like it! The waffles was served on a silver platter paired with eggs, a side of fruit and greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon. If you don't go for any other reason, the waffles alone is worth the trip!

After our delicious meal the chef Jimberly Sue came to our table to personally greet us and ask about our experience! We were honored and felt even more welcomed and at home. We chatted for a while about the lost art of dinning and culinary appreciation. It was obvious that food is Jimberly's passion and it translates onto every dish she constructs in the kitchen.

The Loft Cafe is a MUST visit if you are in the central Florida area, you will not be disappointed.

Photos below were taken from The Loft Cafe's Facebook Page! Take a peek at some of the other delicious treats you can experience at The Loft!

Keep expanding your roots!

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