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Self-Love is a phrase that we hear often in today's time. It's an idea that has infinite definitions. When I researched the word I saw a variety of different definitions and synonyms. A lot of the translations referred to a narcissistic, vain and selfish approach to life, a concept that focuses on one's own well-being and interest. As I read different interpretations I came across the term from a medical point of view. The entire premise changed. Instead of the purpose for self-love being for survival and self gain, it was for the purpose of self resilience and replenishment. There's a substantial difference in the two ideas. The first definition was much more primal and the medical interpretation focused on more of an instinctive awareness of self, repairing yourself so that you can contribute and thrive rather than just survive. When you have a philosophy to survive, your intentions are for your own benefit. Thriving allows you to not only sustain yourself but it also enables you to contribute to the growth of your surroundings. Imagine if the relationship between a flower and a honey bee was based solely on survival. The flower could exist in its own glory but the contribution to itself and its environment would be miniscule. The relationship requires both parties to work together for the greater good of their ecosystem. Self Love in my definition is the awareness, acceptance and functionality of personalized God given attributes to promote growth in one's environment. I challenge you to go within yourself, search your roots, explore your environment (ex: family, friends, job, dreams, goals, etc.) and ask yourself, which definition are you living by? Are you replenishing your environment or are you draining it? Meditation: Find a calm space, sit where your body is balanced and able to relax fully. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Breathe in deeply. Imagine that you are a flower, your feet are the roots, your spine is the stem and your crown is the flower head. With every breath feel the energy from your toes and picture the energy traveling up your stem to your flower head. Once you've moved the energy to your crown think of how you can use that energy to feed your habitat and how you can promote growth in every aspect of your life. Exhale slowly. It can be anything...For example, writing a song, starting a business, forgiving someone or even something as small as sending a word of affirmation to a co-worker. The intention is use your energy to promote growth in your life and the people around you. Even "negativity" can be repurposed into fertilizer for your environment. I like to call"negativity" climate changes or obstacles in your root system. Both can have positive effects to your environment. Remember, it's all about perspective. Allow yourself to envision all the possibilities from any circumstance and use it to spark growth.

Challenge: Create a checklist of five ways you can replenish your environment throughout the week. (Reminder: There's nothing too big or too small, simplicity can spark substantial growth.)

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