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Let's Talk: Body Image

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As a new mom and summer being right around the corner, it's so easy to be super critical of my body. Around this time of year everyone is working on their "summer body". Let's be honest social media doesn't make it any easier! Constantly being bombarded with what I "should" look like in my swimsuit has given me false insecurities. Taking a step back, I realized that these ideas of body goals and beauty standards were not my own. In reality I didn't necessarily have a problem with the extra baby weight in my hips and stomach. Society has told us that we should be concerned about our bodies and that if you're not "summer ready" then you should experience a level of shame for it.

Don't get me wrong, everybody has something about themselves that they'd like to improve. We've all slipped off the deep end when it comes to over eating or deviating from a healthy lifestyle. Especially being a new mom, self care tends to move to the back burner. There's nothing wrong with wanting to work out or be physically fit. I think everyone's goal is to be healthy but is the reason behind it healthy? You can work out all you want, go on a diet, create a meal plan for yourself but if the reasoning behind it isn't for yourself then it is toxic. You can be eating right and feeding your self with toxic thoughts and ideas at the same time. What's a healthy body without a healthy mind and spirit?

Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Be careful of how you speak to yourself about your body. We are always are biggest critics. We all experience times when we don't feel our best and that's okay. Take a step back and examine where those thoughts are coming from. Get to the root of your insecurities. Are they your own or were they adopted by societal standards? If you are wanting a healthy lifestyle remember that your mental health is the first step. Social media isn't always the best outlet for relief when you're not feeling your best because people only post their "best". Most of the time people are living through a Face Tune filter, they smooth out the blemishes on their bodies and in their lives. They enhance the aspects of life they want you to see and crop out the things that they don't want you to see. I've had so many skeletons in my closet and hidden triggers when it came to my body image. For so long I was told what my body should look like, especially working in the fashion industry. My waist had to be a certain width, my weight had to always be in check and there was very little room for imperfections. Nobody is as perfect as their social media profile why should we seek validation from it especially when it comes to body image?

Our natural beauty is beautiful and we shouldn't hide our bodies or feel ashamed for not being "summer ready". Truth is, it's not that you're not ready for summer... Summer isn't ready for YOU! Exchange the false narratives of beauty with self love and care. Love those curves and embrace the stretch marks you were gifted with from child baring. New moms, you are warriors and you have battle scars. They are signs of strength! You should be empowered not insecure. I challenge you to really dig up the roots of your insecurities. Is the environment toxic to your growth and if so what is contributing to it? Anything that is causing you to feel like you are not good enough, take the power from it and replace it with positive words of affirmation and actions.

You are a masterpiece and the world is your gallery! Don't get discouraged when you don't like what you see on the canvas, you are a work of art in progress. What you see is not final and you can add and take away anything you want from it.Your body image is YOURS and it shouldn't be influenced by anyone or anything! Showcase what you have to offer. You can't spell "imperfection" without "Im Perfect"! You are not meant to be a carbon copy of false beauty standards. You are an original! Remember, the most valuable works of art are the ones that are one of a kind!

Expand Your Roots!

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