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SELF-ESTEM is a thought that was planted when I was 16 years old. A young teenage girl that was in the fashion industry and constantly being bombarded by beauty standards and man-made ideologies of what beauty is. Although modeling was my passion and fashion was my first love, I found it difficult to align myself with an industry that was so caught up on outer beauty with little to no recognition for inward beauty. To me, beauty has never been skin deep. The roots of what makes a person beautiful runs deep into the depths of who that person truly is as an individual. From there, the roots travel through life experiences, mental health, wellness and the past like vines and from those vines, flower buds begin to bloom. Everyone admires the beauty of the flower but many forget to examine the roots and stem which determines the true character and integrity of the flower. The roots sprout from the seed which is your divine purpose. From divine purpose the roots infiltrate the earth where they encounter triumphs and obstacles. Through those experiences there is growth but a decision must be made. Will I allow the rocks in the soil to block my internal growth and end my journey, or will I take those obstacles and dig deeper to maneuver past them? The stem of the plant doesn't begin to develop until the plant is firmly established in its environment. A flower cannot thrive without a healthy root system. From this idea, SELF-ESTEM was cultivated. SELF-ESTEM is all about the self love and acceptance journey through life and the choice to use those experiences (root system) to evolve (stem) and grow into a fully realized, healthy, strong flower that can withstand the whirlwinds of life. Digging deep to unearth road blocks in your root system that are hindering you from reaching your maximum potential, challenging the environment in which you were planted, making adaptions to thrive not just survive  and being in control of your climate.

It is my intention to stimulate self love, expansion, creativity and wellness in every aspect of life through this blog. 

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Aquera Johnson

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness"

- Lao Tzu 




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